Welcome to YOU and ME Bridal. We really can’t wait to meet you and help create your dream Bridal Gown. But in the meantime, here are some ideas to help inspire you.

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(actually, we’re all about you)

It’s your big day. And while we’ll happily share in your excitement, we’ll also help ease the nerves that come along with it. So please, don’t stress. Our promise is to make you look and feel like the star you really are on your big day.

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It’s an honour and a privilege to work so closely with each bride-to-be as her big day approaches. Their smiles, their joy and their thanks makes all our hard work behind the scenes so rewarding. Here’s just a few of our favourites.

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We always make sure that your besties not only look stunning at your wedding but also have a whole heap of fun along the way. Be it champagne and your own playlist at fittings, a deep and meaningful chat or even hints, tips and tricks to make sure your wedding is one to remember.

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For those occasions when you simply must make a statement, we’d love to help you turn heads with a stunning, custom-made dress that accentuates your best features and helps you look your gorgeous best.

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the finerDETAILS

Passion. Skill. And attention to the finer details. Three magical qualities that enable us to turn wedding dress ideas into magnificent Bridal Gowns. Let us show you how.

The Finer Details

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Congratulations on your engagement and fast-approaching wedding. We believe you deserve to enjoy every single minute of this special time in your life. Especially when shopping for your Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses. So at You and Me Bridal, we’ve made it our business to make sure you truly enjoy the whole experience. Come in with your best friends and try on a few of our existing designs (all of which can be altered to suit you perfectly) or discuss your own ideas for your Bridal Gown with us. Together we can create a stunningly beautiful Bridal Gown for you that accentuates your best features and, most importantly, highlights your personality. So that when the big day comes, you’ll feel as amazing as you look. Come and see us today at our brand new Bridal boutique on Parramatta Road at Petersham, give us a call on 0456 336 666 or contact us via email. We can’t wait to hear about your plans.

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Our Bridal Shop in Sydney Offers Both Off-The-Hanger and Tailor-Made Wedding Gowns

You and Me Bridal & Formalwear boast expansive knowledge of design and fabric to ensure that you get the perfect fit according to your body and preference. Visit our bridal shop in Sydney for a wide range of pre-existing dresses, or book an appointment with our designer to have your dream gown made to your specifications.

The Benefits of Shopping at Formal Dress Boutiques in Sydney

We aim to understand the style you prefer, right down to the finest detail. We have a few other benefits up our sleeves as well:


  • We have no restrictions when it comes to customising the perfect dress for your wedding. We focus on capturing your personality through our design work, and ensure each element reflects your style. The result will be a dress that meets your vision while encapsulating your uniqueness.
  • Tailor-made wedding dresses offer each unique body-type the perfect fit. Your dress will accentuate your best features, and can even hide your least favourite areas. Our experienced designers and seamstresses will work harmoniously alongside you, offering creative ideas and advice to realise your vision.
  • Our designers understand that your specifications are vital in us achieving your ideal dress. From the style to the fabric, you are in control throughout the journey right down to the finishing touches.

What You Can Expect from You and Me Bridal & Formalwear Regarding Wedding Gowns

Fully customisable dresses allow you to match their exclusivity with your personal preference, ensuring you’ll never find another dress like yours.


  • Our talented dressmakers can create your design from scratch with no limits to the complexity and intricate details. Our artistic seamstresses can craft any style of dress, even deviating from traditional wedding dress fashion. From the initial sketch, through the design work, right up until your wedding day, our team strives to produce a wedding dress that you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Working with our team ensures that we will stay within your budget to create your ideal outfit. Our transparent communication and on-going relationship mean that you will always have access to our advice and that we will stay within our agreed-upon scope.
  • Available in a plethora of styles, our bridal store in Sydney boasts an impressive range of unique pre-made wedding dresses for different body times.

Tips for Shopping at a Bridal Boutique in Sydney

The pressure’s on to find the perfect wedding gown, and it may be difficult to decide if you want a dress off-the-hanger or if you want to design your own. No matter your style, budget, or timeline, our Sydney bridal boutique has a dedicated team to ensure you find your perfect match.


  • Do your research. Compile a scrapbook or mood board of ideas you’ve found in a magazine or online. From this visual file, look for a connecting theme. From the style to the embellishments, these commonalities will be our starting point to picking out, or designing, your perfect dress.
  • Be open to ideas. We’ve seen numerous brides-to-be walk into our store with an idea they’re adamant on, only to try a dress on and not like it. We have experience with different body types and dress styles and can offer advice on ideas you may not have considered yet.
  • Shop to your current size. Most brides plan on losing weight before their special day, however, it’s much easier to take in a dress than make it bigger. Remember, bridal sizing often requires a size up from your normal clothes to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Don’t shop too early or too late. Many gowns take months to make, so remember to factor in this time and extra time for possible alterations and modifications. Keep the season in mind too when shopping. Hotter climates require lightweight fabrics in summer styles. A winter wedding would suit fabrics such as satin or velvet and keep you warmer than lace or batiste.
  • From your initial appointment at a couture bridal shop, set a budget to save you from disappointment later on. Your budget will help us get a few options ready for you to try on when you come in for your fitting.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Shopping Experience

An important factor to remember is not to limit your shopping time. Trying on multiple wedding gowns is surprisingly time-consuming, so it is best to book your appointment for a few hours, so you don’t feel rushed to find a dress. We’ll put on your favourite music and pop some champagne to make your entire experience memorable and fun.


  • Decide on your wedding theme. Before you begin shopping, decide whether you will have a casual garden-style wedding or a formal affair. Keeping your venue and theme in mind will ensure your dress does not clash with your decor.
  • Choose your shopping partners. Bringing too big a crew with you to your appointment could make coming to a consensus difficult. We advise you to bring four to five people whose opinions matter most to you.
  • Wear appropriate undergarments. When visiting your couture bridal boutique for your first shopping experience, it may be difficult to envision that beautiful strapless dress with your bright pink bra straps sticking out. Try and wear suitable underwear, and stick to neutral colours like beige or white. Although many formal boutiques in Sydney offer standard height heels that you can borrow when trying on dresses, bring your own heels to get an idea of your dress’s length.
  • Test out your moves. A wedding dress isn’t the most comfortable clothing item, but you still want to sit down or dance without feeling constricted. Bust out some moves in the dressing room, and practice sitting down with your dress before committing.
  • Store your chosen dress elsewhere. It’s customary for the groom to only see your dress on your big day, so ask a trusted friend to keep it for you in-between fittings, leading up to your wedding.

Why Trust You and Me Bridal & Formalwear Regarding Bridesmaid Dress Shops in Sydney

Bridesmaid dresses play an integral role at your wedding. Not only should they complement the shape of your trusted friends, but more importantly, they should contrast with your wedding gown, making it stand out even more than it does on its own. Our holistic approach means you get a wedding dress store and bridesmaid boutique in one convenient location. Contact us to book an appointment.